Monday, January 14, 2008


Here's one of my earlier works on conversion and painting.

The Asurman here is a guardian + DA exarch parts. The legs are fully sculptured to get that pose and pinned on the epoxy-stone base. The rest are green stuffed heavily and pretty happy with the results. The picture was taken before some further touch-ups were done, and I have the taoist (ying and yang) symbol decal on the cape, fits pretty well...

I'm planning on doing Feugan as my next Phoenix lord conversion with the extra dragon and guardian bits I have ...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Storm Guardians

With all the extra goodies I've collected from the other left over of sprues from the scorpion, banshee, wraithlord and some DA stuffs, I managed to piece together enough plastic for a conversion of defender guardians to stormies.

Here, there are taken with my custom converted Autarch which is also from the guardian sprue and lots of heavy greenstuff.

Can't wait to sink their teeth on some fire-warriors or those pesky IG heavy weapon squads....

Striking Scorpions

Okie, here are the greenskin psycho maniacs ready to cut down all in their path...

Alright, so I am a less creative to come up with my color scheme, but hey, I kinda like the 'Eavy Metal scheme already, so here they are...

I've managed to get my hands on some 2nd edition OOP models from a local seller here, just to complete a full squad of them!

Cloudstrike Squadron

With apocalypse fever still going on high, I finally have the excuse of gathering all the falcon I can get my hands on. One is from ebay, the other 2 is from a falcon sprue and a fire prism sprue. I'm making one of the pulse laser interchangeable with the fire prism.

There's still some highlights to be completed on these birds....

Now where did I put those fire dragons of mine, hmmmm......

The Rise of the Serpent

Hi Y'all,

I've started an Eldar Saim Hann theme army just about a year ago and steadily have increased in numbers. I'm a super slow painter and my wallet is draining up faster than my hands can paint! The apocalypse splash released really helped saved a lot and ironically, it was only recently that I bought jetbikes with the wind-raider host released!

I'm really a hobbyist first and player second, and would probably post more stuffs on hobby than battle reports. I've ambition to collect an eldar army worthy of an apocalypse magnitude!

Comments are welcome and thank you for viewing.