Friday, March 14, 2008

Battle of turn 3s

I had 2 battles the other day by being in CMart for just a couple of hours. This is of course possible with the fact that both the battles had to be stopped at turn 3. The first battle was with the Necrons, and Raymond had to bail out, so until now I have yet to have a proper battle with him. The second battle was with Richard's Orks, and this time I was the one who had to leave in haste to pick up my wife from work. 

Anyhow, again this is again treated like a play exercise. As usual the necron was making good progress in tearing me apart, while it was more of the other way around with Orks. The battles were at 1500 pts and 750 pts respectively. I've yet to find a way to effectively keep the necrons at bay, damn! Richard's Orks are painted in total awesomeness!! I was humbled!

Anyhow, here are some pics of the day, and since both battle didn't really end, I'll just skip the battle report and all. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eldar Units Modifications - Customized Rules Part 1

Here, I attempt to bring out some flavor by trying to diversify the variants of the existing Eldar vehicles...

These modifications are made up totally by myself and I'm hoping for some comments on the custom rules. They are based on assumptions of scenarios of what a normal eldar fleet may encounter and the evolution of their technology over context, change of needs, the environment, so on and so forth. I also utilize the VDR software to derive points and also other arbitrary estimation to suit the current edition of rules and codex.

Not enough points to justify? too cheesy?... if you have any comments please feel free to put in some thoughts.... I need some comments on these drafts before i can confidently put this on the table for game play (with the agreement from the opponent of course!). Thanks.

Saim Hann Jetbike Chop-Shop Part 1

I was just clearing up some bitz parts from my wave serpent and falcon sprues the other day and thought of removing them from the sprue to save some storage space. As I was categorizing them and separating them, I suddenly had the urge to do some experiments with them.

Recalling a custom reaver bike model I saw on cool or not mini site, I actually have enough parts from the weapon and serpent sprues to make 6 more bikes! just enough for a decent squad. It looks more like the reaver bikes and I added a few more parts to make them look like the new upcoming release of the eldar jetbike.

The only thing lacking was the canopy of the jetbikes, which seems to be simple and easy enough to press mold and make copies of with some epoxy I purchased from a hardware shop earlier. Apart from that, most of the parts are GW bits. Currently, I am working on the color scheme and trying to chop of more bits from a guardian squad as the bike-riders. They are slightly longer than the normal jetbikes.

Ingredients are as follows:

1. One Shuriken Cannon, choped in the centre, right after the shuriken chain magazine feed.
2. One Eldar Missile Launcher, cut of at the cone,
3. One pair of the wave serpent weapon turret cover as rear jet chassis,
4. One pair of twin linked shuriken catapult, or one shuriken cannon for upgrades,
5. Bits and pieces from a guardian squad's accessories.
6. Jetbike canopy, may use other design as well,
7. Jetbike handle, (in this case I have enough leftovers from 2 box of shining spears, may be replaced with other parts.)

Here are some pics of the progress, will update more...