Friday, March 14, 2008

Battle of turn 3s

I had 2 battles the other day by being in CMart for just a couple of hours. This is of course possible with the fact that both the battles had to be stopped at turn 3. The first battle was with the Necrons, and Raymond had to bail out, so until now I have yet to have a proper battle with him. The second battle was with Richard's Orks, and this time I was the one who had to leave in haste to pick up my wife from work. 

Anyhow, again this is again treated like a play exercise. As usual the necron was making good progress in tearing me apart, while it was more of the other way around with Orks. The battles were at 1500 pts and 750 pts respectively. I've yet to find a way to effectively keep the necrons at bay, damn! Richard's Orks are painted in total awesomeness!! I was humbled!

Anyhow, here are some pics of the day, and since both battle didn't really end, I'll just skip the battle report and all. 


Fritz said...

Good to see some jetbikes on the board! I have had no problems fighting orks with my jetbike heavy list since they get no armor saves vs. my shuriken fire. Necrons are probably the hardest army I have faced and I have the most losses against. Their we'll be back roll negates out my firepower and starcannon shots. The only advice I could give is to mindwar the necron lord with a jetbike farseer since you can pick him out to get rid of a res orb and or vail of darkness, and then mass firepower on one squad of necrons at a time. Beyond that your army looks very impressive on the board in the pictures.

Monstro D. Whale said...

I like wraithlords. I think Fritz and I disagree on this point over on his blog, but I like wraithlords. You beat up necrons. They come back through the monolith and you beat them up some more. Probably just me. I also like harlequins against necron, but there can be significant problems with that if the lord has a resurrection orb.

Sidestreaker said...

I am painting my wraithlord as we speak!

I know, not very Saim Hann-ish but heck, it would be fun for the next time I see that necron friend of mine!