Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tau Hammerhead Completed

My recently completed Tau Hammerhead...

thanks for viewing! :D

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Completed Pirahna

An addition to my Cadre on my other site...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Conversion and Assembly

After spending another week on painting one of the most difficult unit to paint, my second Tau Fire Warrior Squad, I’ve decided to stay off the brush for a while and go all out a bit on assembly and conversions.

First off, I’ve assembled the Pirahna kit I just picked up in CM and true enough this is a very nice model kit. Similar in size and capability as the Eldar Vyper, this small fast skimmer is sleek and looks great when assembled. Though not very popular as it is expensive in points and has not the survivability or weapon choice as its Eldar counterpart, I’m still gonna field this as there aren’t many fast attack choice I have and it looks freaking cool! After a bit of putty and fill up the gaps, this is gonna be the first model I’m painting next…

Before that I did prime a six man squad of harlequins and have yet got the nerve to paint them. You may recall the finely painted GW harlequins on their website and trying to achieve that or even close is a daunting task. So, they’re always on the painting table to tease me.

Next, there are 2 Eldar HQ models on jetbike which I’ve put on hold until now. Green stuff are used a lot on a farseer on jetbike and I’ve chopped up a heavy weapon platform from a guardian squad to beef up the jetbike looks. I kinda like they turned out and I’m sure if I spend another hour on these 2 there maybe more changes to it. So far so good…

And still in progress are assembled Tau Pathfinders from bits and pieces of left overs from 2 Fire Warrior Squad and some parts from the Hammerhead tank commanders. I was really short on torso and have just enough legs plus 2 tank commanders with just enough heads to make a full eight man pathfinder squad. To compensate the shortage of torso, I used the extra eldar jetbike riders. After polishing off the buttons on the rider torso, they look quite ok for a pathfinder, pretty much like a Kevlar vest look, and most of them are helmetless, giving them a veteran and light infantry feel. I’ve chopped up lots of bit to make the rail-rifle and it turned up ok.