Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tau Architecture?

Just to share what I’ve produce at work, which somewhat relates to our lovely hobby…

The mind works in associative manner. Over time, what we produce very much influence our perception, pre-conceived ideas in a rather unconscious way, that one can see the pattern of thinking just by looking at the results.

I can’t help but looking over some of the architectural sketches and works I’ve produced at my work place at the same time I’ve started painting my Tau Army. I’ve notice a rather strong influence in its elements and my strokes. Curved edges, streamlined and sci-fi mechanical aesthetic of its appearance comes into place.

This is my sketch of a commercial centre somewhere in the middle east, part of a major development here. At first glance, I would think of it as some sort of a military Tau bunker…

The client is somewhat agreeable to the proposal, and I’m in the process of developing a physical model for in the scale of 1:500. I’m excited to begin development soon. However, I’d imagine final result would be more contemporary and responsive to its context rather than the plastic and white feel of a Tau terrain. Nonetheless, if I were to place my minis next to this, it will still somehow and can’t help but to blend together!

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Alvin Khaw said...

I think you just want to turn our world into a Tau-er place! XD