Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tau Terrain Template

I'm experimenting with 'wallpaper' terrain, kinda like a fold out graphic terrain. Something that one can print, cut out and paste on some hardboards for instant terrain making, beats using a bottle for a tower, eh? I'd recommend a print scale to fit on A3 size paper for this one.

Here is a first attempt at a Tau theme terrain. Its a simple and symetrical shape and design, done with photoshop and CAD. I'll be attempting on more complicated design and texture base.

Comments are welcome!


jabberjabber said...

This is such a terrific idea for themed architecture - simple and very effective.

eriochrome said...

Nice little tau accent. Maybe also usable as a objective in apoc games.

Last 40K event I played in had a table with a lovely medieval inn made the same way( I think it was design by WOTC for the chainmail game a few years ago). It was surrounded by some scenic trees and snow for all your alpine vacation needs. I am sure the victorious orks enjoyed burning it down.