Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fire Dragons

Here are some of my refurbished fire dragons ready to do some melting on the waves of Imperial tanks out there. I'm thinking of fielding a dozen of these in 2 squads to get some close up action with the help of my grav tanks.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hobby-ing Away....

In the process of completing my Tau army and in between that a taste of IG and Space Marines, I realized that my painting style and skills have been improving over the past >2 years of painting and hobby. Some of my earlier models of the Eldar army I’ve started with are pretty much amateurish and at present moment, I find rather unacceptable, knowing that I could have done better. Some of these models are my favorite ones with many kills in their records like Fire Dragons and my favorite Dire Avengers. Not to mention, my jetbike squads has lots of highlight and details missing on them and just wouldn’t do the honor of this fierce wind-raider warhost!

Lots of them are done in quick dry brushing and thin ink and highlights that just wouldn’t do.So, I’m dedicating the next few days trying to refurbish and upgrade the appearance of the war-host (in the same time, alternate with my other armies too) and bringing it to a more acceptable level, making every piece counts and as complete as possible. At least up the the level of my recently completed Tau army : http://huntercadre.blogspot.com/2009/05/tau-army-completed.html
In the same time, I’m customizing some traveling case for the army. I’ve now 2 active and completed army for a variety of configurations at all points level up to average of 2500pts for my Saim Hann and Tau Cadre. I’m using aluminum tool boxes purchased from Carrefour hyper-mart (USD15 each), and lots foams from ACE hardware (for some reason, I can’t get them here in Abu Dhabi, the stock I’ve been using are the ones I’ve purchase from Malaysia, much better equipped back home). These foams are customizable, and I’ve cut and assembled them to maximize the volume, and shapes of the model to fit the case. I can fit one entire army in one case with 3 tier of customized foam tray each.

These boxes are made from aluminum, which gives a more solid feel, very rigid and about 5-6 inches shorter compared to the length of the GW Army Case, relatively light and has enough padding on the inside surface for the extra security. I’m not worried about checking them into baggage for my travels and let the baggage crew swing them around. I did some swinging test myself and everything inside looks untouched and safely secured.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Painting Agenda

Here are some link to some of the recently completed works on my other sites. Eldar is my first army before I started with Marines, Tau and IG. Back then, I was less confident in experimenting and most of the Eldar models are not up to par with my latest models in my other armies. In my next project, I'm moving back to my eldar army, which I'm trying to upgrade in terms of its appearance and making sure that my first army is painted to a quality display standard or good table top quality at the very least.

Stay tune for more!

Recently completed Byzantum Guards Sentinels

An Ethereal and his honor guards are ready to spread the Greater Good...

Experimenting mix of catachan and cadian sprue for my veteran demolition/melta squad

Finishing all my suits to complete my Tau collection