Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Painting Agenda

Here are some link to some of the recently completed works on my other sites. Eldar is my first army before I started with Marines, Tau and IG. Back then, I was less confident in experimenting and most of the Eldar models are not up to par with my latest models in my other armies. In my next project, I'm moving back to my eldar army, which I'm trying to upgrade in terms of its appearance and making sure that my first army is painted to a quality display standard or good table top quality at the very least.

Stay tune for more!

Recently completed Byzantum Guards Sentinels

An Ethereal and his honor guards are ready to spread the Greater Good...

Experimenting mix of catachan and cadian sprue for my veteran demolition/melta squad

Finishing all my suits to complete my Tau collection