Monday, June 13, 2011

More Update of Angels and Wolf

Here are some updates on my other armies besides eldars,

Blood Angels, I've just painted my first model, a Sanguinary Guard, more picture at this link:

And my first model for my space wolf army as well, my converted Ragnar Blackmane.
For more pictures:

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Dark Eldar model - Archon

Assembled here for my new Kabal is my first Archon. The new range model never ceased to impress me with the fine details, and with the new finecast being released now, its an opportunity to my my hands on those fine resin. Meanwhile, here's a newly assembled, but not based yet, Archon for your viewing. More will follow shortly!

Ohh did I mention that my Space Wolf blog is up and alive again? I'm putting together some HQ for my Claw.


New Fire Prism

I'm trying to catch up with the latest GW models and after being away for so long, I'm rediscovering some really cool new release of the Eldar army. One of my favourite is the new Fire Prism. I just pick up this baby this morning and hope to start on it soon. Being such a unique and beautifully sculpted model, maybe I'll try to use the same motifs I used for the Serpent.

A new Kabal arises...

As promised, I'm back and this time, with some motivation for a new army. I'm starting a Kabal and still in the process of research to get some ideas on a theme for the dark kin. I just love the new model range and the 2nd release of the models are just too hard to release.

More to come soon!

Oh btw, I'm starting on another army in the same time. I love switching between armies to keep my mind fresh. Its gonna be the blood angels this time!